Holy Grail OG Crumble


Bless your banger or e-nail with Holy Grail OG Crumble, a powerful concentrate crafted by Chief’s Extracts. Quality begins at the farm, and Chief’s Extracts began with Holy Grail OG flowers that were cultivated and nurtured to perfection. Once ready for harvest, Holy Grail OG’s resinous buds are carefully collected for extraction. Then the magic begins. Chief’s Extracts isolates the most desirable characteristics from the starting material, resulting in a crumble that captures the essence of the original strain with every dab.

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Holy Grail OG Crumble

Holy Grail OG Crumble

It is an hybrid strain who was created by crossing a Kosher Kush with an OG Kush. The Holy Grail Kush features a spicy and, herbal and earthy fragrance, and a complex fruity and citric aromatic aspect.

Made with an unique steam distillation process to catch and preserve the essential fragrances and aromas of the cannabis flowers, this mix crafted with a majority of cannabis derived terpenes and a touch of botanical terpenes lead to a powerful and unforgettable fragrance. 100% organic, natural, free of GMO and residuals. 0%THC, 0%CBD, 100% legal.


Usage and applications of Lilium Xtract terpenes :

You can use this product to add cannabis fragrances and/or aromas to :

CBD flowers and pollen
CBD extractions and concentrates (distillate, crystal, crumble, BHO, rosin, wax)
Cosmetics (perfume, cream)
Aromatherapy (essential oils, diffuser, candles)

Recommendation on dosages :

This product is pure, it contains only 100% terpenes. Do not ingest as is. The dosages recommendations and the proportions should be respected before consumption :

E-liquids : 1% to 3% of the e-liquid base (exemple : 0,2ml for 10ml of e-liquid base)
Remember to apply the terpenes during cold processes for the best results as the terpenes are very volatile and could evaporate when exposed to high temperatures. For more guidelines on how to apply the terpenes on food and beverages, contact us.

Recommendation on terpenes preservation :

Our packaging is perfect for the terpenes preservation, protecting them from UV light and any product contamination. Make sure to close the bottle after each use, and keep the bottle in a cold environment (like a fridge) to avoid possible evaporation during the use. Always keep the terpenes under 60° celcius, as the most volatile terpenes will evaporate at this temperature.

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