CBD for Pets

CBD Oil for Dogs 5% – 100% Swiss

Our 5% CBD oil is produced in a valley of the beautiful Valais Mountains. It stands out for its high quality, 100% Swiss production and natural ingredients. CBD oil, like cannabis products in general, is gaining popularity around the globe due to its universal reputation. The exclusive use of Swiss-made, natural raw materials and the environmentally-friendly production in Switzerland have all won over CBD users and wellness enthusiasts. Cannabidiol is also beneficial to dogs because they have an endocannabinoid receptor system.

Why would you use CBD oil for your dog 5%? 

Our 5% CBD oil for Dogs has no psychotropic effect and is therefore suitable for all dogs. CBD for Pets . Our CBD oil is Broad Spectrum, just like our Wellness oil. It contains all cannabinoids except THC. This oil allows your pet to enjoy the entourage effect by utilizing not only CBD, but also all of the other phytocannabinoids that are naturally present in hemp.

Your dog can consume the versatile 5% CBD for dogs on a regular or irregular basis.

How do you dose CBD oil for dogs?

Dog oil is 5% CBD, as the name implies. Each drop contains 2.5 milligrams CBD. When your dog first consumes CBD, it can be difficult to know the exact dosage. It is not possible to determine the exact dosage for your dog. This depends on his body type, weight and age, as well as their unique endocannabinoid systems. To find the right dose of CBD for your dog, it is important to experiment with different CBD amounts. If you choose to begin a CBD therapy with your dog, it’s best to follow these steps:

1. Get support from your veterinarian
2. Start off with low doses
3. Watch your dog’s daily reactions and progress
4. If necessary, increase the dosage gradually

For dogs, the recommended daily dosage is 0.5mg/kg. Here is an example of a 15-kilo dog receiving 7.5mg/day: 0.5mg * 15 = 7.5mg/day. This would mean 3 drops per dose (2.5mg times 3 = 7.5mg).

It is important to note that cannabinoids are not always absorbed immediately by animals, particularly dogs. Dogs of all sizes may take several days before they begin to feel the effects. In general, you will feel the effects within an hour.

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