Gelato 33 Live Resin


Gelato 33 Live Resin –  is a strong Hybrid concentrate that delivers a powerful head and body high in the form of a sweet aromic flavor. Many new and experienced dabbers will notice their worries disappear as the natural effects of the concentrate begin to kick in, users begin feeling happy and euphoric.

Hybrid Live Resin  |  THC : 71%
Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, happy



Gelato 33 Cured Resin. One dab, two dabs, three dabs, floor. These concentrates will help elevate the 420 celebrations this weekend to a whole new level. Instantly high after the first rip, I felt a relaxed sensation of positivity replacing my daily apprehension, providing a welcome sensation of tranquility after a long work week. Gelato 33 Live Resin Sauce cleansed my intellect of any residual anxiety left over from the weekly 9-to-5 grind. Because of the strength of this Live Resin, just one dab can go a long way. And as I discovered, three can send you straight into the realm of colorful dreams.


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