Maui Waui Cannabis Oil


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Maui Waui Cannabis Oil

Maui Waui Cannabis Oil

Strain type: Sativa

Oil Extraction Method: Sub-critical CO2

Total THC: (THC THCa): 53.32%

Total CBD: (CBD CBDa): 1.99%

Cannabinoids Total : 62.21%

As for the aroma, you will note a hint of pine along with citrus and lavender. Additionally, the weed strain tastes like fresh hash. The marijuana strain offers a high-end euphoria along with pineapple flavors that allow your mind to drift away to creative spaces. The strain effects are all you will ever need to get outside and remain active throughout the day which is why it is an excellent day and morning intake. The high is quite different, as it will leave your body buzzing and in an excellent mood.

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These days, it is considered to be a middle to high-grade medication that provides a typical sativa high with a few indica perks. Other strains (along with new hybrids) have caught up and even surpassed this legendary strain in THC content.

Frequent users of Maui Waui report a happy and energetic high that can also increase creativity. It provides a light and pleasant body-numbing sensation as well as a strong case of the stereotypical ‘munchies.’ Users may expect dry eyes and mouth and possible paranoia. Some also encounter dizziness and headaches when consuming larger doses or ingesting edibles.

The sativa effects of this strain can relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic depression. Maui Waui’s Indica side may be useful for easing minor chronic aches and pains.  Some users also use Maui Waui as medication for chronic migraine.

The plants of this strain show their true heritage in their height, usually reaching around 175 centimeters. Outside, Maui Waui should only be grown in a tropical climate. When grown in a tropical climate, Maui Waui is fairly resistant to molds and mildew as well as disease.



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