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Amnesia Haze. Due to its parental species’ delicately balanced genetics, this is a highly psychedelic hybrid that is still regarded as one of Amsterdam’s most flavored strains!

The flavor and aroma contained in this renowned strain are widely known: fresh and herbal, carrying undertones of citrus.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is bound to yield large, heavy buds in a 10- to 12-week timeframe; each one bristling with an unreal quantity of glistening THC crystals. This lady is definitely worth the wait: there are precious few other strains that will give you a comparable mental high. This makes the final product a delight for all your senses!

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Amnesia doesn’t sound like something you would pay for. Or does it?

The hybrid Amnesia Haze strain is worth its weight in gold for self-induced “amnesia” that feels enjoyable. No, you aren’t going to forget who you met yesterday and what your name is. Instead of leading to the loss of memories, this strain lets you be at peace with yourself, those around you, and everything that comes next.

Admired for its calming effects, is a perfect smoke when you’re off duty and getting deeply involved in your evening relaxation rituals. It’s instantly soothing, allowing you to blow off some steam and de-clutter your mind. That’s why the Amnesia Haze strain is popular as:

  • Evening smoke that lulls you to sleep

  • Effective weed painkiller

  • Soothing remedy for conditions that make you on edge

What is it like?

Being high on Amnesia Haze will not transform your perception of colors, sounds, people, and surroundings – neither in a positive nor negative way. What it will most certainly do is make you hit the peak of relaxation within minutes. So, if you’re looking to loosen up, getting Amnesia Haze for sale can do the trick.

When smoking this hybrid strain, you’ll feel it coming earthy and a tad spicy. Most users find Amnesia Haze pleasant and bereft of disgusting flavors.
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Effects of Amnesia Haze

With THC levels that can reach 25%, this lady is no joke. She is fast and delivers a strong punch. It gives a cerebral high that will make you feel happy.  The effects are uplifting to the user, and they may find themselves smiling and giggling at the slightest things.  has no effects on the body, meaning you do not have to worry about being overwhelmed.

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